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5 Benefits of CG Skincare Glutathione Vitamin Cocktail!

5 Benefits of CG Skincare Glutathione Vitamin Cocktail!

Our Specially formulated powder is filled with multivitamins that not only help with skin lightening but also acne, longer nails and longer hair! It’s a must have.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies so its no surprise women and men are going all out to ensure it's as visually appealing as possible. Now, many of us have seriousssss skincare goals and are happy and willing to spend our ££££££ on it as long as we get RESULTS! This is no different from being a Shoe-a-holic. We love what we love right? The only difference is we have to rely on products that we cant instantly see whether or not it works. A shoe lover can see a shoe and immediately purchase and be happy but we have to moisturise and tone and SPF SPF SPF for months to attain our goals. BUT its sooooo worth it in the end. 

For our bodies to really be at the best it can be we need a ton of vitamins daily and most of us don't even come close to our daily intake with our diet. This is even worse for us on Skin lightening journeys; dosages are sometimes 10x and I just don't see myself eating 350 pods of Okra every day. I love Okra but seems a tad bit too much.

Now, CG Skincare has created this amazing deliciousssss cocktail that I can basically carry around like Vimto (you know Vimto rules!) to help me on my skin lightening journey and all I can say is heck yeah! 

I consumed this cocktail sublingually for 5 weeks and then as an addition to my morning smoothie for another 3 weeks and here are 5 things I can honestly say it is great for.



Watch the video below to see the powder in action or just for fun!


1. Glutathione! Glutathione! Glutathione

Now, I'm sure you've heard of Glutathione; the master antioxidant by now but if you haven't then check out All things Glutathione which will surely get you up to speed! 

If I don't see Glutathione as an ingredient I usually do not buy it because 9/10 times it doesn't work. Now this has over 1,500mg per serving and when I was taking it sublingually my skin was GLISTENING!! I've already been on a skin lightening journey for 3 months so trust me when I say this. There was a clear difference in not only my skin tone but like the glow. It looked like I put highlighter under my skin. That's the only way to explain it. The minimum dosage of Glutathione for Skin lightening is 1,000mg ( i.e 1,000mg needs to get into your blood. So if you're taking 1,000mg in tablets/orally then you're going to need to take about 10 tablets SIS! Check out my Glutathione Bioavailability table to see how much Glutathione you're actually getting into your blood by all these different routes). I was taking 3-5 doses a day because I want results and it worked out great! 

2. I whip my HAIR back and forth! 

During my journey taking this cocktail, I noticed my hair grew longer than its usual 0.5-1 inch a month. I recently got it braided so it could lay flat under my centre parting wig and after about 2 weeks it was looking humpy and lumpy. At first, I thought it was the new hairstylist I used but then when I was taking out the cornrows I realised I had a much bigger gap at the roots than normal and after a good wash it was evident. I did some investigation and turns out this cocktail has MSM which is basically a vitamin that aids nail and hair growth! No complaints here! 

3. Losing weight like whaaaaaat!!

Apart from my skincare goals I also have body goals and many general goals. One of my new things to keep up with is exercising. This cocktail is actually pretty awesome because it contains Vitamin B complex which is basically all the B vitamins in one and that has a ton of benefits. I noticed greater energy and my metabolism got faster. So I was eating pretty much the same but was able to work put more and not be tired and that really showed on my abdomen.

4. Supreme skin lightening

With over 5,000mg of a range of vitamins from the master antioxidant Glutathione to MSM, Glutamine, Niacinamide, this powder can only be described as POTENT! If taken sublingually this can actually speed up your skin lightening goals x3 and theres no limit to how much you can take. A lot of us on skin lightening journeys are using a mix of various things. I myself am obsessed with Patches, Suppositories and serums. I add the cocktail as an extra boost and once I reach my goals its likely to be the main thing on my maintenance regimen. The cocktail has the potential to lighten you up to 8 shades lighter based on continued use and also dosage. 

5. Diminish Acne, Fine Lines & Wrinkles. 

This cocktail is packed with vitamins that normalise the appearance of pigmentation, normalise oil production which leads to less acne and also normalise cell production which helps your skin to behave in a way that makes it more youthful and radiant. The various vitamins in this cocktail powder assists in the promotion of healthy collagen; which speeds up healing and hydrates the skin giving it a healthy glow.

I love the fact this is in a powder from because then i can simply just add it to my morning juice or my protein shakes after i work out and i don't have to think about it. Personally, i think you have to take it with maybe 1 or 2 other forms of supplements for quicker results as it'll take a while to see results with the powder alone. 

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