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How much Glutathione actually enters the bloodstream!

How much Glutathione actually enters the bloodstream!

Okay, today we're going to discuss all the different methods and ways you can take Glutathione and also how much of it actually enters the bloodstream. Basically, the bioavailability of Glutathione.

For any Glutathione supplement to be effective, it needs to enter your bloodstream. Understanding the science will help you decide what to do for your own skin lightening goals and stop you wasting all that money on ineffective products.

Now for your skin to get 1-2 shades lighter you need to take about 2,000mg of Glutathione a day (that means 1,000mg needs to be swimming in your blood) for about 3 months. Your skin refreshes every 28 days so this is not a next day delivery sort of thing. Natural skin lightening take time and patience. You should also be taking a minimum of 500mg of Vitamin C too daily if you’re going to get any real results.

I have designed the table below to help my fellow enthusiasts understand just how much of your supplement is really working. Enjoy!

 Most skin lightening enthusiasts use a minimum of 2 methods because they all have their pros. I recommend using something topical for your Epidermis layer and then something internal ( my preference is rectal and nasal as I cannot stand the taste of most supplements) for the dermis layer. Basically you’re exfoliating and brightening from the inside and also on the outside. This is how most girls get quicker results. If you can only afford 1 method then ditch the creams/lotions and go for something internal. It might take longer to show but it’s working and once it becomes visual it lasts much longer. 

* This chart is only a guideline. A lot of other factors can affect the absorption of Glutathione supplements such as Diet, Smoking, Intake of Alcohol, Body Mass Index and proper intake of drug. 


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