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Why your Skin lightening journey isn’t working!

Why your Skin lightening journey isn’t working!

Doing everything right but still seeing slow or no results? Here’s one of the reasons!

Skin lightening is one of the most popular skin regimes currently taking over. Some are interested in getting a face to match the body, some are tired of hyperpigmentation and some just want to be a new shade.

Whatever your reasons, as long as you’re in this journey you will most definitely have come across DIY methods of making your own creams, soaps, Liposomal drinks etc.

This is all well and good but what nobody seems to realise is all DIY recipes are only as good as your ingredients. Am I losing you? Okay let me explain.

Many skin lightening powders on the internet are extremely diluted. Glutathione powders can range from 20%-100% and unfortunately most on the market are about 30%. Sometimes sellers are even unaware of this as they have simply bought it from another wholesaler.

The problem with this is, even though you do EVERYTHING as you should you will never get the same effective results as someone else who’s using a much more superior powder.

Let’s even say you’re not a DIY’er and not a finished product kind of girl. You still run the risk of getting inferior products because many natural skincare sellers do not produce these powders and they simply buy it without any means of testing it out.

Don't worry all is not lost if you really want to make your own Sunscreen etc.

We recommend CG Skincare Glutathione Powder as it’s 99.99% pure and has been lab tested to prove it.

All our products use our own powder and that’s why we are so confident of its effectiveness and that’s why all our clients experience faster results! 




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