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7 Piece Essential Beauty Blender Set- Lavender

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A set of 7 blenders perfect for any make-up set.

The perfect start to your beauty blender haul, the CG Beauty 7 Piece Essential Beauty Blender Set features 2 water drop cut blenders and 4 diagonal cut puffs with a mini beauty blender puff. Designed to deliver a flawless makeup application and keep your sponges pristine, the set is an ideal gift for your bestie, mum, or yourself. 


Squeeze your CG Beauty 7 Piece Essential Beauty Blender sponge under water until it is soaked through. Squeeze again to remove any excess water.

  • Blend any liquid foundation or concealer into the larger areas of the face using the rounded edge.
  • Hide blemishes and imperfections in smaller areas with the pointed tip of the sponge.
  • Define and contour using the flat edge.

Clean your sponge and leave it to dry after each use.