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S Acetyl Glutathione Cocktail Powder

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CG Skincare presents our new and improved cocktail powder with a difference. Now containing S Acetyl Glutathione this powder is 10x as potent for oral absorbtion. Our Cocktail Powder still contains  25 other skin brightening vitamins aimed to deliver youthful, bright, even-toned skin. The cocktail powder can be used to reduce discolouration, hyperpigmentation & ageing. It can also be used to lighten the skin to golden tones. Perfect to add to your morning smoothie, drink on its own.

The addition of our extremely potent S Acetyl Glutathione ensures your antioxidant vitamin powder reaches the cells completely intact and not destroyed at all. S Acetyl Glutathione provides 99.99% absorption which enhances results and also quickens results. 

 Each serving has over 150mg of S Acetyl Glutathione (1,500mg reduced Glutathione), 1,000mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and over 3,000mg of other mixed skin brightening vitamins.

Key Benefits 

  • Contains 150mg of S Acetyl Glutathione which is equivalent to 1500mg Reduced Glutathione.
  • Much Faster results
  • Promotes quicker radiant even-toned skin whilst improving skin health and enjoying potent anti-aging properties.
  • Includes precursors of glutathione known to further boost glutathione levels in the body.
  • Contains sulphur, selenium & milk thistle which boost glutathione naturally
  • Contains over 5,000mg of skin glowing vitamins per teaspoon serving.
  • Promotes stronger nails & longer hair.
  • This helps fight oxidative damage.

CG Skincare Naturalistics IV Glutathione Power powder Skin lightening powder

How to Use

Take a teaspoon(1 serving) of the cocktail powder and add to 250-300ml of water, juice or any liquid you would like and drink. For better results we recommend 2-3 servings. Each serving has over 150mg of S Acetyl Glutathione (1,500mg reduced Glutathione), 1,000mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and over 3,000mg of other mixed skin brightening vitamins.

What to Expect

As great as Glutathione and our unique powder is, it’s not a magic pill and anyone on a skin lightening journey should expect to see noticeable results between 3-12 months. If your goal is for removal of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots etc you will meet your goal much sooner than someone who intends on going 3-6 shades lighter. We recommend using this powder as a combo with a topical lotion as this will really boosts the speed of your results. Skin regenerates every 28 days and will need 30-90 days to fully detox so be patient and consistent and keep track of your changes every month.

Ingredients: S Acetyl Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Collagen(Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide 98%), N-Acetyl Cysteine, Glutamine, Glycine, Milk Thistle, MSM, Alpha Lionelic Acid (Vitamin F), Niacinamide(Vitamin B3), Evening Primrose Seed, Calcium, Vitamin B Complex, Selenium, Zinc Glycinate, Green Tea 95% Extract, Licorice Root 40% Extract, Beetroot, Grape Seed 95% Extract, Vitamin E, Lycopene 10%, Vitamin A , Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Vitamin K, Vitamin D3, Strawberry Extract, Mango Powder, Lemon Powder, Pineapple Extract, Pear Extract, Raspberry Extract, Cranberry Powder, Orange Powder